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Considerations For Buying A Black Sheer Bomber Jacket

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When you picture a bomber jacket, there's a good chance that you think of a garment that is made of a heavy, opaque material. This type of jacket is common, but shopping online for different bomber jackets will often expose you to some unique styles that you may wish to consider adding to your wardrobe. One option is a black sheer bomber jacket, which you can wear with all sorts of other pieces of clothing. If you like the idea of owning this garment and are shopping for it online, here are some considerations to keep in mind.

Level Of Transparency

Sheer is a fairly transparent material, but if you look at several different sheer garments, you'll quickly notice that the level of transparency can vary from garment to garment. When you shop for a black sheer bomber jacket, you'll need to think about how transparent you want the jacket to be. Whatever you wear beneath the jacket will be at least partially visible, but you can find jackets that merely show the outline of the clothing under the jacket and others that make this clothing very easy to see. It can be useful to think about where and when you'll wear this jacket, as doing so can help you to decide how transparent it should be.


You can expect to see sheer bomber jackets that have a few pockets throughout the garment and others that do not. In addition to the functionality that they offer, these pockets will also affect the appearance of the jacket. Some people will like pockets on each side of the chest and a pair of side pockets, while others might favor choosing a jacket that doesn't have this feature. Keep in mind that the sheer nature of the pockets means that items you store in them will be largely visible to others, so it's useful to consider what you might keep in the pockets before you choose your jacket.

Zipper Vs. Domes

You should think about whether you want your sheer bomber jacket to have a zipper at the front or a row of domes. Both styles are commonly available and offer different benefits. The zippered look is more consistent with traditional bomber jackets, which can make this style popular. However, if you like the ability to do up a couple of upper domes and leave the bottom of the jacket open, the domed style will be a better option for you.

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