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Women's Surgical Hat Styles That Are Great For Work

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If you're a woman who assists with surgical procedures, you already know the importance of wearing a surgical hat. These special hats are designed to keep both patients and medical personnel safe from contaminants. However, you may be displeased with the looks and fits of many standard surgical hats. Fortunately, many surgical hat options have been created in different styles to accommodate all women involved in surgical work.

Different Color and Pattern Choices 

Instead of the standard blue or green surgical caps, you can find women's surgical hats that feature more stylish colors or intricate patterns. Navy blue, red, and pink are just some of the color options that you'll find when you're shopping for the right hat. There are hats with heart, floral, and animal prints that can add a more personal style to your work outfit. You can even order a surgical hat for nurses that features a tie-dye pattern or another unique design. 

Sweat Absorption

If you're worried about feeling too hot while you work, getting a women's surgical hat with a sweatband incorporated into the design will be your best option. The sweatband will absorb sweat so your head stays dry and comfortable even during the toughest procedures. Many of the best surgical hats for women are also made from breathable materials to help reduce sweating even more.

Side Buttons

Getting a hat that comes with side buttons can help reduce strain and irritation on your ears while you're wearing a mask. The straps of the mask can be looped around each side button instead of your ears to make wearing your mask more comfortable.

Ponytail Holder

If you have long hair, you should consider getting a women's surgical hat that features an oversized pouch at the back to use as a ponytail holder. Some of these hat styles also come with toggle strings that can be adjusted to hold the hair in place more securely.

Personalized Messages and Imagery

Some women's surgical hats can be personalized with unique messages and imagery, and one of these hats will be the perfect choice if you want something that's made to your specifications. Your hat can feature your name or a personal mantra that might help your patients feel more at ease or provide some extra humor for your coworkers. Images that reflect your specific interests or represent important causes can also be featured on your hat.

A women's surgical hat can act as a great line of defense for you and your patients and showcase your unique qualities and personality in the operating room. The right hat will enable you to do your work better and with greater style.

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