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Jelly Purse Gift Ideas

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Typically constructed of a PVC material, jelly purses come in a wide variety of colors and styles. Since the handbags are so versatile and simple to customize, they make the ideal presents for any fashion-loving female on your gift-giving list. 

These types of purses received their names because they are generally soft to the touch, easy to bend and move, either partly or completely transparent, and shiny. No matter what the gift recipient's favorite color is, such as bright or light pink, purple, red, orange, yellow, or blue, you'll be able to find a jelly purse to reflect it. You can also find clear, see-through jelly handbags for an eclectic look.

Jelly purses are available in almost any type of design or style, such as elegant clutches, sophisticated satchels, casual backpacks, cross-body slings, hobos, wristlets and traditional shoulder bags. Because they're so versatile, the recipient can either dress them up for a dinner out or dress them down with jeans and a T-shirt for running errands. 

Another way that jelly purses vary is through their hardware. Some feature gold, some feature silver, and some feature all-plastic details. You also choose special touches, such as chain shoulder straps or heart-, cat-, or dog-shaped charms, to honor the recipient's interests and personal style. 

To round out the gift, you can fill the purse with coordinating items, such as these:

1. Key Chains 

Two things that females usually grab on their way out the door are their purses and key chains, so combine the two everyday items into one thoughtful gift. Try to keep with a gift theme, such as a turquoise blue-colored jelly bag with a seashell- or seahorse-shaped key chain. 

Other coordinating set options include a pink purse with a flower- or flamingo-inspired key chain or a gold handbag with a glittery unicorn-shaped key chain.

2. Body Care Sets

When treating a friend or loved one to a new purse, pamper her with a body care set as well. Depending on the size of the jelly handbag, you can fill it with either full- or travel-size items. Some ideas include body lotions, hand creams, body sprays and exfoliators in matching scents. 

You can also include a few pieces of jewelry, such as an earring and necklace set, or a bracelet with charms. 

3. Gift Certificates 

Surprise the recipient by placing a gift certificate to her favorite restaurant, attraction, or movie theater into the purse. You can also customize the certificates to reflect a special occasion, such as a spa certificate for a bridal shower or a children's store for a baby shower. 

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