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Hiding In Plain Sight When You Are A "Big And Tall" Person

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People who are "big and tall" are hard to miss. They literally stand out head and feet above the crowd. When they want to go anywhere or do any sport or activity, they cannot blend in. If you are a "big and tall" person, here are some (albeit a little tongue-in-cheek) ways to hide in plain sight.

3X Large Long Sleeve Camouflage Print Shirt

Camouflage anything helps people hide in plain sight. There are all kinds of camouflage, too. There is the Army variety, if you are heading into the woods. There is the Navy variety, if you want to hunt sharks or snorkel and confuse the fish. There is even "urban" camouflage, which comes in a variety of prints to help you blend in with buildings and other urban structures. Many of these camouflage options are available in a 1X, 2X, or 3X size print shirt. If you really want to give camouflage a go, buy the matching scarves and hats. Pants in your size are also available from most "big and tall" retail stores.

Ride a Scooter or Bike

It is a known fact that people with your stature have most of their height in their legs. If you bought an electric scooter such as the kind seen in grocery stores or you ride a bike, you almost instantly cut your height by a third. This might make you seem a lot shorter and closer in height to friends traveling with you. If nothing else, you get exercise from the bike and mobility from the adult scooter that requires little effort on your part.

Make Taller Friends

Finally, to hide in plain sight it helps to have friends who are taller than you. If you do not have any taller friends, make some new friends. One good place to meet new, taller, and bigger friends is on a basketball court or at a football game. Football and basketball players are often very tall and/or very large. Hanging out with these guys (or gals) is likely to make you look like the "petite" one, a benefit you may enjoy after having been the obvious "big and tall" one in your other circles of friends.

Even If You Still Stand Out

Even if you still stand out from the crowd after trying all of the above options, there are still some benefits to trying these options. One, you will have more fun clothes that fit you well. Two, you will either get more exercise riding a bike, or you will enjoy riding an electric scooter. Three, who does not want to make some new friends with sports players? Having more friends is always good.