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Tips For Extending The Life Of Your Athletic Shoes

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Working out can be an important part of keeping yourself healthy. However, it can be extremely wearing on your shoes. Considering that a pair of high-quality athletic shoes can be somewhat expensive, you will want to be sure that you are taking good care of your shoes so that they can last as long as possible.  

Let Your Shoes Dry After Each Use

Over the course of your workout, your feet may produce large amounts of sweat. This will be absorbed by the fabric in your shoes, and while this may not seem like a major problem, it can create conditions that will allow bacteria to thrive. In addition to causing your shoes to develop foul odors, this can also put your feet at risk of developing an infection. Combating this problem will require you to allow your shoes to fully and thoroughly dry after each use. To help them dry, you should store the shoes in an area that has good ventilation. Furthermore, you may want to invest in a couple of pairs of athletic shoes so that you can alternate the shoes to allow them to thoroughly dry.

Use A Deodorizing Agent

Foul odors can be one of the more common problems for athletic shoes to experience. Luckily, there are powders that can be applied to the interior of your athletic shoes to help neutralize these smells. These odors form as a result of the waste product left behind by bacteria. These powders will help to neutralize the bacteria before these odors can form, and they will also help to neutralize or cover up the scent. For the best results, you should apply some of this powder to the interior of the shoes at least once a week.

Regularly Change The Laces

The laces of the shoes may seem as though they are minor components, but they play a critical role in ensuring that the shoes properly fit your feet. Over time, the laces will start to stretch out or otherwise become warped. This can lead to the shoes failing to properly fit your feet. In addition to being uncomfortable, this can also dramatically increase the wear and tear on the shoes. If you are wanting to avoid this type of problem with your shoes, you should change the shoes every month. Also, you should make sure that you untie the laces before you take off the shoes. Some people will simply slip the shoes off their feet, but this can cause the laces to warp and tear.