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Plan The Ultimate Circus Themed Birthday Party For Your Little One

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Want to impress your child and their friends with a circus themed birthday party? Here's how you can make it happen:

Seek Services from Local Colleges

Talk to local colleges about hiring members of their drama clubs and acting classes to perform at your child's circus themed birthday party. You'll save money over hiring professional actors and acrobats, and you'll give students a chance to hone their skills while making a little money.

Have the actors you hire prepare small skits and circus acts to perform at the party, but make sure that you get an itinerary in writing beforehand so you know exactly what to expect from their performances. Schedule short circus performances and acts once or twice an hour throughout the duration of the party.

Decorate the performance area with life-sized circus animals and artwork that will help bring the ambiance to life and make each performance a little more authentic.

Create an Amusement Park

To ensure that all the kids at the party have something to do whether they want to participate in specific activities or not, create an amusement park setting in the yard by:

  • Setting up a slip and slide.

  • Renting and setting up an inflatable slide and playground.

  • Installing a small zipline low to the ground between a couple of trees.

  • Setting up a tether ball station.

  • Install a couple of stakes in the ground to accommodate ring toss and horseshoe games.

In addition to creating an amusement park for the kids, consider setting up a card table and dartboard for the parents who accompany their children to enjoy.

Give Away Animal Shirts

An excellent way to make sure that none of your child's guests forget their special birthday party is to provide each of them with an animal shirt, such as from Gingy Beans, as a party favor. Give the shirts to the kids as they arrive to the party so they can wear them during the festivities if they want to. Choose shirts that feature animals that would typically be seen at the circus such as monkeys, lions, and elephants. You can use the shirts to play party games. Here are a couple of ideas:

  • Have the participating children take turns naming the animals on their shirts out loud, and then each can take a turn trying to recite all of the names correctly. The first kid to do it wins a small prize!

  • Hold a talent show – the kids can show spectators how the animals on their shirts would act in the wild.

The animal shirts are sure to be enjoyed by each of your little one's guests long after the party festivities have come to an end.