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3 Ways To Feel Good About Your Looks As A New Mother

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As a new mom, you have a lot on your plate and making sure you look your best is probably at the bottom of the list. But you deserve to look and feel good wherever you go. Here are a few easy ways to improve the way you feel about your looks while your body goes through changes as a new mother:

Make Time for Daily Walks

Walking is an effective way to lose the extra baby weight you don't want to carry around, but it will also help lift your spirits and keep the postpartum blues away. And walking will keep your stress levels down, which will naturally help to make you feel and look your best – you'll likely find it easier to complete your new mommy duties too.

Aim for 30 minutes worth of walking on a daily basis. You don't have to do all 30 minutes at once, a few 10 minute sessions will do the trick. If you can't find any time to slip away for a walk alone, don't be afraid to go walking with your little one. Using a stroller or baby carrier will give you more resistance and help you tone those leg and arm muscles.

Focus on Accessorizing

Accessorizing your wardrobe is an excellent way to spruce up your look without spending a lot of money on new clothes. Of course, you'll want to replace your stretchy maternity jeans for regular ones, but many of the things you wore while pregnant still probably looks great on you. Make flowing dresses flatter your figure by cinching the waist with a belt. Wear long necklaces that reach below the chest for an elongated, slimmer look.

Earrings that dangle will help draw attention to your face so you don't feel so self conscious when meeting someone new or attending a community function. And keep a couple scarves by the door so you can cover up while adding a little flair to your outfits when you're on the run.

Invest in a Waist Shaper

You'll feel instantly slimmer and more self confident after putting a waist shaper on. Otherwise known as waist cinchers or enhancers, these undergarments are designed to provide you with a smoother overall look and help to hold your hips and stomach in a little. Waist shapers shouldn't be restricting, only supporting which means that you'll stay comfortable all day long.

You can wear waist shapers under dresses, jeans, leggings, and even shorts and tanks tops. Invest in a few different designs so you have an undergarment to wear no matter what the occasion is. Consider adding both strapless and full body options to your collection.  Click here to learn more.