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3 Items That Will Set Your Men's Urban Streetwear Apart

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Men's urban streetwear is a fashion trend that lets you express your individuality within the sea of people who live in a city. If you're looking to assemble a wardrobe that will showcase who you yourself are, here are three must-have items.

Graphic T-Shirts

Graphic T-shirts through a place like Justified - Threads & Lifestyle are a staple in the men's urban streetwear fashion. They can be inexpensive to make and are usually pretty affordable when purchasing. They're also comfortable, featuring large graphics that give you an opportunity to show your colors.

You can usually find graphic T-shirts in a variety of different colors at both local boutiques that specialize in men's urban streetwear and at large stores that sell a variety of clothing. For a classic, subdued look, go for neutral-colored, black or white, graphic T-shirts. To make a statement, pick out brightly colored ones.

No matter what color graphic T-shirts you get, make sure you find ones with graphics you like. No matter what your interests are, you should be able to find graphic T-shirts that show your passions.


In the men's urban streetwear fashion, hats are worn as much -- if not more -- for their fashion as they are for their function. Almost any kind of hat is fine to wear with a men's urban streetwear outfit, so you can get whatever style hat you like. Whether you like ball caps, bucket hats or beanies, you can make any of them work with an outfit. Just be sure to get a few so that they can match the different graphic T-shirts you have.


Like hats, several different types of shoes are alright to wear with men's streetwear outfits. While sneakers are the most common shoe worn with these types of outfits, you can also pull off dress shoes and boots. Just avoid flip flops or boat shoes, as the beach isn't usually close to downtown. (Boots are alright, even though cities aren't always in the mountains, because even city streets can get snowy or muddy.)

Regardless of what kind of shoes you wear, though, all men's urban streetwear shoes should be classy. Namely, they ought to look good, being clean and polished. If there are any scuff marks or dirt on them, take time to clean the shoes off. Doing so will show that you truly care about your style, which is the main point of the men's urban streetwear fashion -- that men have style and take pride in how they look.