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It's Time To Get Your Cowboy On! 4 Tips For Choosing The Right Pair Of Boots

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If you've been invited to a Western-themed party, but you don't own a pair of boots, it's time to break down and buy a pair. Unfortunately, it can be a bit difficult find the perfect pair of boots, especially when you don't know what you're looking for. Here are four tips that will help you choose the right boots for your feet.

Know Your Foot Type

Take a look at your feet. The shape will matter when it comes time to choose a pair of boots. Boots are designed to accommodate the three basic foot structures – wide, narrow, and in-between. Narrow, pointed-toed boots are best suited for the narrow foot. The square-toed boots are best-suited for the wide foot. The round-toed boots are suited for all types of feet. If you're not sure what type of foot you have, try on all three styles of boots until you find the one that holds your foot properly.

Choose the Right Size

When you head into the shop, don't rely on your shoe size. Take the time to have your foot sized by the sales associate. Boots tend to run slightly different when it comes to sizes. Once you've had your foot sized, try a few different pairs on. Remember that leather tends to stretch out over time. That means you should choose a pair of boots that are slightly snug. Don't choose a pair of boots that are already loose on you, or you'll end up with a pair of boots that are too loose for you to wear once the leather stretches.

Support Your Arches

When it comes to cowboy boots, you've got to consider your arch. Your feet are going to be miserable if you don't have proper arch support in your new boots. If you're not sure what type of arch you have, stop by a shoe care display and have your arches tested. Once you know that, you'll be prepared to choose a boot with the right type of support. It's important to note that if you have a high arch, you can add your own support to the boot once you purchase it.

Take Them for a Stroll

Once you've narrowed your potential choices down to one or two, take them for a stroll. Put each pair of boots on and walk around the store. Don't stick to one pace, either. Try them out at a quick pace, and then a leisurely pace. Taking them for a stroll before you purchase them will help reduce the chances that you get stuck with a pair of boots that hurt to walk in.

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