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Important Information You Should Know About Choosing Recycled Apparel

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Although references to sustainable and eco-friendly items are popular in today's society, it is easy to assume that recycled apparel is only another way to refer to thrift-store or other types of used clothing. Although it is true that the term of recycled apparel can be used in that way, it is important to note that there are a number of other clothing types it can also include. If you are intrigued by the concept of wearing clothing that is truly environmentally friendly, you should try one of these two options.

#1-Re-use Fabric From Your Old Clothes To Sew New Stuff

If tearing apart old clothes to make new ones seems like something from an old book or TV show about life as pioneers, you will be surprised to discover how common it is. Whether it is re-doing an old t-shirt into a comfortable nightgown for an important little girl in your life or ripping apart an ugly dress to make a separate top and skirt, you do not need to be an experienced seamstress to be successful at re-purposing your clothing. Be careful to choose a fabric that is easy to sew, like cotton. Try to avoid more challenging fabrics like denim or polyester until you have a bit more experience. In addition, choose something with a color or pattern you like.

If you are new to sewing, start off slowly. It's an easier project if the outfit or article of clothing will be loose, without a lot of elastic, buttons or a zipper. You can sew hems for the collars, sleeves and ends of the dress if you like or use one of the iron-on glues instead. Regardless, by re-using the fabric you are making an eco-friendly choice and saving money, so you are making an environmentally responsible choice that you can be proud of.

#2-Buy Clothing That Used To Be Made Of Water Bottles (And Some Old Cotton Scraps)

If sewing new clothing is not something you would enjoy, it is a good idea to instead benefit from the knowledge and experience of others. One unique option that has become available in recent years uses modern technology to turn discarded water bottles and scraps of cotton into new clothing choices.

Specifically, the old water bottles are shaved down and melted into a form of polyester. It is then combined with the unusable cotton scraps to form a new material that can then be turned into clothing, with few wasted resources. Although the way that the new fabric is formed can change from one manufacturer to the next, there are multiple companies providing a similar service.

In conclusion, recycled apparel includes a variety of sustainable and eco-friendly clothing options. When the clothing choices you make and how those choices can impact the world are important to you, it will behoove you to be aware of the information provided above.