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3 Ways To Shed Off The Weight Simply By Choosing The Right Wedding Dress

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All brides want to look their best on their wedding day. After all, it is their day. With that being said, most brides spend quite a large sum on their wedding dress, with a national average of $1,281 in 2013. Most brides will spend most of their time looking for a wedding dress that will enhance their most flattering features and will also spend a lot of time before the wedding losing weight, so that they can fit into their dream wedding dress. If you don't think you'll lose enough weight before the wedding, here are 3 tips for choosing a wedding dress that will make you appear slimmer.

Choose a Design with a Built-In Corset

If you're having troubles losing that little bit of extra weight in the final months, don't worry. Simply, choose a wedding dress with a built-in corset in its design, and you'll easily be able to get the waist that you're looking for. The corset will cinch in your waist for the day, and a well-built corset is comfortable and not restrictive. Those who are going with a wedding dress that has a built-in corset design will want to make sure that they get the corset professionally sized to their waist measurement. 

Go For A Simple Design

Some wedding dresses have rather extravagant designs. If you're looking for something that will help you appear slimmer, then go for a simpler wedding dress design that is not bombarded with sequins, lace and other decorations like pearls. While these additional details can really bring a wedding dress to life or give it a more unique design, these details can add a lot of bulk to the wedding dress. This is especially true if these details are generally added to the waistline. A simpler design will get rid of all of the bulk and accentuate only your figure.

If you definitely want some additional details on your wedding dress, make sure that these decorative elements are mostly kept at the neckline or at the hem of the dress.

Get the Right Fabric

The type of fabric that the wedding dress is made from will also have a huge impact on how it emphasizes the curves of your body. If you are looking for a wedding dress that will help you look slimmer, you should look for matte fabric that is accompanied with a little bit of sheen. For example, dupioni silk and peau de soie satin are both wonderful choices. Stray away from bulky fabrics like velvet, as they will merely add on a couple of extra pounds.

The wedding dress design that you choose will have a huge effect on how slim you look. The right wedding dress will help you shed off some of that weight, and make sure you look radiant on your wedding day. Visit a wedding dress business like Bridal Extraordinaire for more tips.