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Keeping Your Children Occupied In A Laundromat

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If you need to use the local laundromat to wash and dry your clothing, and you do not wish to pay a babysitter to watch your children while you do this task, you are most likely considering bringing them along for the chore. When children are not used to the process of going to a laundromat with a parent or grandparent regularly, they may be a bit overwhelmed about the procedure. Here are some ways you can make an excursion to the laundromat a bit more tolerable for all parties involved.

Give Some Safety Rules

Before you head into the establishment, give your children a run-down of the off-limit areas inside. Inform them they are under no circumstance to open a washer or dryer without your knowledge. This will keep them from touching other people's laundry while keeping the equipment safe from damage. 

Have Some Fun Prepared

It is a good idea to bring a small basket full of age-appropriate toys, puzzle books, or drawing materials for your children to scour through while waiting for you to do the laundry. If you will be visiting the laundromat more than once due to a move or loss of appliances at you own home, having this basket in your vehicle is best. This way your children will only be able to play with the contents on laundry day. This will make the basket contents attractive rather than having your children become bored with them from playing with them whenever they wish.

Teach Some Basic Steps

Having your children help you with your laundry may feel overwhelming, but with some limitations it can actually be very helpful. Have one child in charge of putting the coins into the appliances. Have another in charge of pouring in the appropriate amount of laundry detergent into each washing machine you are using. Giving your children these small jobs will make them feel important and it will not destroy your laundry in the process. Another idea is to have someone on standby to alert you when a washer is in the spin stage or when a dryer appears to be about done with the cycle.

Get Help With Some Folding

One of the longest parts of a trip to the laundromat is the folding of the cleaned clothes. Have your children help by separating items by who they belong to. After doing this, they can separate each person's articles by type of clothing. Having these separate piles in baskets or on a laundry table will make it easier for you to fold them as you will be doing repetitious movements without the need to think to separate on your own.

Offer Some Benefits

Going to the laundromat does not need to be a boring time for your children. Consider having them bring a friend along to help keep them busy while you tend to the washing and drying. If you would rather, give each child some spare change to use in the vending machines as a treat for being helpful.

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