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2 Excellent Reasons To Purchase A Rolling Dance Bag For Your Child

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If you have a child in dance, then you know just how much work is involved. One aspect of dance that requires a great deal of thought and planning is the packing of all the supplies that your child needs for different dance practices, competitions, etc. Having a good place to store all of these items is also going to be incredibly important. One type of bag that has been created specifically to hold dance items is a rolling dance bag. The wheels on this bag make it very easy to maneuver around, but there are also several other features that this bag has that make it a great purchase. This article is going to discuss 2 excellent reasons to purchase a rolling dance bag for your child. 

Hard Shell

Most of the rolling dance bags that you purchase are going to come with a hard shell. This shell is going to generally be made out of a hard plastic and is going to be very durable. The point of this shell is to completely protect all of the items inside and to ensure that they aren't crushed or damaged during transportation. This is very important because the bag is going to be full of somewhat fragile items, such as dance makeup, dance shoes, costumes, hair accessories, dance props, etc. Also, the bag is likely going to be put into and taken out of several different locations, so you want to ensure that nothing inside of it is going to hurt doing all of this moving around. 

Extendable Bar For Hanging Clothing 

The top of the rolling dance bag is going to have a bar that can be used for a couple of different things. While the most common reason for the handle is going to be to pull the bag around, it can also be used as a rack for hanging clothing. Either end of the handle is going to pull out, thus creating more space for hanging dance clothing. The handle is also going to be able to extend up vertically so that you can hang longer dresses or other dance gear. This is perfect if you have pieces that you have ironed for your child's dance practice, recital, or competition, and don't want them to get wrinkled by folding them up and placing them inside of the actual bag. The handle and ends can also be collapsed, so that they aren't in the way when you aren't using them. 

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