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Three Cool Styles You Can Achieve With Your Daughter's Ruffled Leggings

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Every girl is different, and each has their own unique fashion sense. One cool piece of clothing that fits many styles is ruffle leggings. This item can meet a variety of fun and quirky styles that are suitable to girls who prefer what could be called a more "refined" style.

Pirate Style

With this particular style, it isn't necessary to emulate a full pirate style with an eye-patch, parrot, and scars. The idea is to look like a pirate (think "Pirates Of The Caribbean") without actually looking cliched. Ruffled leggings help here by creating a fun and unique style that can look old fashioned when focusing on older styles and eternally fashionable colors, such as black and red.

Other ideas for this outfit can include integrating a vest that matches the leggings and a bandanna around the head. This creates a rather "tough girl" effect that is perfect for girls who like to look a little tough or who have a bit of a rough-and-tumble tom boy personality.

A Kick Butt Princess

Many girls often look up to princesses, especially those from the various Disney cartoons. However, many of these princesses are rather weak characters and don't really define their own destiny. Cool leggings create a "princess" style by emulating a fancier look without investing in a full-length dress. A good princess style includes the girl putting her hair up into a pony tail or bun.

A lacy skirt that goes past the knees, but which doesn't cover the leggings, is also a nice touch. The idea here is to create a fancy and stylish princess look that allows the girl to move easily and feel stronger and less delicate. This helps break through the cliché of the princess and lets them use their leggings in a whole new way.

Elegant Dancer Chic

For the girl who wants to dance or come across as elegant, a dancer chic style can be created. This requires the use of fairly skin-tight leggings with slight ruffles. The ruffles accentuate the ankles and create a "ballerina" look that is practical for every day use. The top doesn't have to be anything fancy, but a one-piece is typically the best bet for a dancer fashion.

Ruffled leggings like this are available at a variety of different clothing boutiques, if you are looking to buy girls boutique clothing. Each boutique will offer its own unique spin on ruffled leggings, allowing mothers and daughters the chance to pick a pair that truly meets the girl's unique style and personality.