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3 Tips To Help You Style Your Cosmic Leggings

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Fashionistas have borrowed a page from space travel by incorporating cosmic print items into stylish outfits. If you want to stay on trend this season, it can be beneficial to invest in some cosmic print leggings to add to your wardrobe.

Styling these nebulous leggings can be a challenge, so here are three tips you can use to make sure your next cosmic outfit is out of this world.

1. Pair your cosmic leggings with a solid colored top.

The galaxy pattern printed on cosmic leggings can be a bit busy, so you don't want to pair your leggings with a top that also includes a pattern. Too many patterns in a single outfit can compete for attention, which will take away from the beauty of your cosmic bottoms.

Carefully evaluate your leggings to see which colors are included in the design palette. Selecting a solid colored top in one of the colors found in your leggings will help you look chic and stylish the next time you step out in cosmic print.

2. Opt for a button-up top.

In addition to selecting a top in a solid color, you may want to consider pairing your leggings with a button-up top as well. Leggings are notoriously comfortable, and it's this comfort that can make them challenging to style.

By pairing your cosmic bottoms with a more formal button-up top, you elevate your look from a relaxed one to a more polished presentation. Sleeveless button-ups are your best choice, since these lend the formality needed to dress up your leggings without appearing too stuffy.

3. Accessorize your outfit with items made from natural materials.

Cosmic leggings epitomize the natural world, since they portray images of the galaxy that can inspire and awe. Choosing items made from natural materials to accessorize your leggings can be a great way to complement the galaxy print.

When you think about necklaces or earrings to wear with cosmic leggings, opt for items made from druzy crystals or metal formed into geometric shapes. These types of accessories lend themselves well to the funky style of your leggings while still allowing you to put together a polished outfit that will impress your friends and family.

The next time you hesitate when looking at cosmic leggings for sale because you aren't sure what you will wear with them, don't let your misgivings stop you. Pair your leggings with a solid color, button-up top and some accessories made from natural materials, and you will be on your way to embracing the latest galaxy print trend.