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Reduce The Time You Spend At The Laundromat

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Very few people actually enjoy spending the day at the laundromat washing their family's clothes, bedding and towels. If you don't have the luxury of an at-home laundry set-up and have to go to the laundromat to take care of the laundry, you probably want to know how to reduce the amount of time it takes you to get things done. Here, you will find some tips that can do just that.

Mesh Laundry Sacks

Mesh laundry sacks come in various sizes for a good reason – they can be sent through the wash with all sorts of things in them and still make it possible to get the clothes clean.

Socks – Provide each member of your family with a small mesh laundry sack. Have them toss their socks in their own sack when they dirty them. Then, when it comes time to do laundry, you simply cinch the sack closed, toss it through the washer and dryer and send the entire sack of socks back to the room where they belong.

Washcloths and Dishtowels – It's the small things that can take up a lot of your time at the laundromat. If you put the dishcloths and washcloths in a mesh laundry sack, you can send them quickly through the washer and dryer and carry them home without even having to touch each one.


If you don't do so already, it is time that you start doing all of the sorting before you leave your home with the dirty laundry. This way, when you get to the laundromat, you have all of your loads ready to go and will just need to toss them in the machine, add the detergent and get things started.

Eliminate Hangers

If you have a lot of laundry that requires being hung directly out of the dryer to eliminate the wrinkles, you can skip the hanging part until you get home. Get a very large plastic storage bin to take with you. Neatly place the clothing on the lid carefully folding the sleeves in to keep them from hanging over the sides. Place the bin over the clothing and carry the protected clothing to your car and into your home where you can put them on their required hangers.

While you are waiting for your laundry to finish, think about each step that it takes to get your laundry done. You might find that you are taking steps that could be avoided and come up with ways to reduce the time it takes to get this never-ending task completed. Contact a local laundromat, like Indian Village Laundromat, for more help.